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Integration and quantification of active haptic feedback
Grewus GmbH

Complex development kits are often needed to generate the desired haptic signal, especially in the field of prototyping haptic technologies. With the new HEBO, Grewus offers a simple, comprehensive solution. Users can connect many types of electromagnetic actuators to the Haptic Evaluation Board and also easily customize the haptic feedback. A simple UI can be used to select the haptic feedback signal for the actuators and the trigger.

With MArFi (Manual Artificial Finger), Grewus has developed a world-first measurement system for the uncomplicated, mobile quantification of haptics. The main advantage of this device is that it doesn’t require complex setup. Users can simply connect the MArFi to the software and get started. This is a ready-to-go measuring system. It produces precise measurement results and has a handy shape and an uncomplicated application method.

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