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Adhesive films for protection, masking and decoration

For more than 20 years, Adhetec has been designing, manufacturing and distributing technical adhesive films for automotive protection, masking and decoration.

The company is a world leader in surface protective solutions for interior and exterior parts of vehicles and adapted to all components: textiles and leather, painted plastic, chrome-plated or aluminum, at all stages of the manufacturing cycle. All its technical films are compliant with manufacturers’ specifications and customers’ cycle time requirements. They are developed in Adhetec’s own laboratory, guaranteeing fast and easy application and clean removal.

Adhetec has developed a comprehensive range of industrial technical masking solutions made to increase productivity, reduce processes and respond to all challenges. The tapes are made for many operations, such as metallic coating, painting, varnishing and chemical conversion.

Adhetec used its expertise in aeronautical decorative solutions to develop high-performance decorative stickers for interior and exterior automotive customization. The company’s adhesive solutions allow faster and easier vehicle decoration operations while delivering outstanding, repeatable and durable graphics.

All the products can be cut into tailor-made shapes to match any customer requirements.

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