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Customized synthetic leather
Cotting Group

Calligram is an innovative process to customize synthetic leather intended for automotive interiors. It aligns perfectly with three of the top market trends: customization, smart surfaces and sustainability.

One of its key advantages is its ability to present embossed and debossed patterns on the same surface, which can be colored on demand with high precision through digital printing. This is what differentiates the Calligram process from other processes for coated fabrics. The manufacturing method, patented by Westlake, allows for customization to meet the demand for limited series. Calligram’s low-temperature process enables the use of high-quality materials such as 3D textiles and other temperature-sensitive fabrics.

Calligram coated fabrics can also be backlit. This is a sustainable solution, using bio-based and recycled components; the made-to-size process minimizes waste.

Cotting Group has been a Master of Coated Fabrics since 1946 and will ensure the European commercialization of Calligram made by Westlake Compounds, France, from 2022.

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