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Sustainable automotive coatings

Automotive OEMs and their suppliers are on the lookout for material solutions that offer future-oriented, sustainable properties without having to compromise on performance or quality.

Together with designer Miika Heikkinen, Covestro’s coatings and adhesives and engineering plastics business entities created a concept door panel that brings new material solutions to life.

The prototype features innovative Insqin water-based polyurethane (PU) coating in combination with an adhesive based on a Dispercoll U 66 dispersion – two aqueous, low-VOC solutions that have been developed specifically with a view to presenting cost-effective and sustainable applications for the future requirements of car interiors.

Since no solvent has to be washed out after the application of the Insqin coating, automotive OEMs require up to 95% less water compared with substances produced on a solvent basis. Insqin is a vegan solution, and its lower CO₂ emissions and reduced energy consumption can reduce the total CO₂ balance of synthetic material by up to 45% while offering nearly odorless indoor air quality.

Learn more about the company’s newest Insqin coatings and other future-oriented material solutions at Automotive Interiors Expo.

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