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Sustainable alternative to real leather
Scays Group / Wastea

Scays Group has innovated several materials and worked hand in hand with elite universities. It has a ScaysLab department in three universities and supports research in the field of sustainability.

Scays Group has invented Wastea, a sustainable material that can be implemented in all product categories including the automotive industry. With Wastea, the group has found a unique way to use waste from tea production (leftovers with no future use – 100% waste) to produce a high-end alternative to real leather and/or PU/PVC. Plant- and bio-based (high content), vegan and 100% sustainable, Wastea can be recycled again.

It is the most sustainable alternative to PVC and PU and can be used vertically in almost every sector.

Compared with any other sustainable material in the market, the group has managed to create a real leather feel on the top layer.

One of the most important points is that the group has created a technical product line that is fire resistant or fireproof, with a mix of inflammable natural base material and cellulose from plant-based waste. It has produced one of the most successful fire-resistant PU alternatives that is also 100% sustainable and vegan with very high bio-content.

All locations in the Wastea production chain (from collection of tea waste to shipping) are close to each other, which ensures sustainability.

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