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Premium black PVD coatings
Ionbond Netherlands BV

Glossy, deep-black paint has been a tried-and-true style differentiator for centuries. Now it is available as an Ionbond Decobond physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating. This hard, wear-resistant deep-black coating can lift the perceived value of automotive interior components to the next level.

Ionbond is known for its large, decorative PVD portfolio with wide color range for durable, high-value aesthetics. The company’s new deep-black coating complements its popular gunmetal-black or black-anthracite PVD coatings. Its portfolio of decorative metal-look coatings is ideal for exterior and interior parts of vehicles, aircraft and boats. Increasingly popular in the automotive industry, Ionbond’s PVD coatings provide a premium look and feel as well as dramatic design options.

The Decobond series of coatings can be used to differentiate design components from the typical chrome offering, with colors that go well with leather, metal and wood accents. Colors range from a gold look (24krt to 18krt) to brass, stainless steel and copper rose, and darker colors from smoked gray to anthracite, black and now even dark black. The durability and metallic look and feel of the

offered coatings will please customers, and the long lifetime of the coated product contributes to a better environment.

Please visit the booth at Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart to speak with one of the company’s experts.

Booth: 3412

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