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Capacitive touch sensing

Dynamic, London-based tech company TG0 is a hot topic in the auto industry due to its advancements in human-machine interface technology, including its patented technology that turns everyday conductive or industrial polymer materials into touch- and pressure-sensitive surfaces.

TG0 provides a compelling proposition for the automotive industry. The potential for use in vehicle interiors is instantly visualizable, especially to those in the trade.

Automotive Interiors Expo 2022 will see TG0 unveil its Demo Set, which will enable visitors to interact physically with the company’s capacitive touch sensing.

The Demo Set means visitors can quickly appreciate the huge potential of the TG0 platform and begin to plan how the company can enhance automotive designs. Visitors will appreciate the company’s ability to not only deliver an improved user experience but also test new interactions and behaviors quickly to get to market faster, which is a critical aspect of this sector. The company also offers lower production costs, more rapid assembly and increased sustainability.

Booth: 3016

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