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Carbon-free, non-conductive black for printed electronics
Pröll GmbH

Pröll’s core business is the development of custom-made chemical products for coating/decorating plastics and other materials, as well as innovative ink systems for IMD/FIM technology, and screen and pad printing inks.

Noriphan HTR N is an established, formable, back-moldable, solvent-based one-component screen-printing ink for film insert molding technology. Thanks to the development of the new Noriphan HTR N 990/011 NC deep-black opaque shade, a carbon-black-free, non-conductive black is now available for printed electronic applications.

The color has a high optical density and electrical resistance in the gigaohm range, and is radar transmissible. It can be used for decorative prints but is mainly for plane multi-layer printing or backing of metallic and polymer conductive pastes. Carbon-based pigments, so-called carbon blacks, normally used for black shades, are electrically conductive and can interfere with functional structures.

Noriphan HTR N 990/011 NC meets the increased requirements for thermal resistance and the demanding hydrolysis test in the automotive industry. The color has been formulated and optimized for interlayer adhesion and shows good adhesion in compound values in the final film/ink/injection material composition.

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