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Compounds for reduced squeak

Avoid disturbing noises in your car with new Romiloy compounds. Thanks to the use of additives with a tribological effect, Romira experts have succeeded in producing compounds that make squeaking a thing of the past, without material property changes, tool adjustments or additional work steps. Romira’s know-how lies in the compatibilization of the compounding process, so that the mechanical and thermal properties of the compound are maintained. Romiloy compounds based on ABS as well as PC/ABS and PC/ASA with corresponding anti-squeak modification (Modiper A from NOF) demonstrate a significantly reduced risk of squeaking in the stick-slip test compared with standard compounds. With the anti-squeak modified Romiloy compounds, Romira offers a cost-effective and durable method to achieve the quiet car interior of the future.

Booth: A4329

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