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Car part labeling and decoration
Harke Imaging

Harke Imaging will present the future of car part labeling and individualization. The ImageBlast technique is already being successfully used by market-leading OEMs and Tier 1 companies to create special and unique effects on just about any complete component, such as lacquered surfaces, stainless steel, ceramics, carbon fiber, chrome, plastic parts, wood and many others, resulting in a finish that exudes class and quality. From single parts up to large-volume serial productions, this patented masking system allows decorating surfaces with lettering, patterns and even photorealistic images, by the use of a special powder-blasting technique, resulting in consistently matt or shiny graphics with crisply defined edges and accurate patterns. ImageBlast produces a more upmarket feel on interior and exterior car parts than stickers and decals; and unlike those, engraved images will continue to look good after years of wear and tear.

Booth: A4465

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