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Innovative foils for heating
New Albea Kunststofftechnik

Foil technology is the key to future sophisticated automotive interior elements, and not just for surfaces with high design standards and multifunctional properties. New Albea has developed a new application field that brings foils and heating together. Electric cars can heat interiors using these foils, which boast low energy consumption, and are non-visible and close to passengers. The foils can be shaped to almost all contours of the interior, such as the armrest, central console and headliner. They are already used in the defrosting of ACC radars in automotive exteriors.

Many OEMs and Tier 1s rely on New Albea’s heating foil technology. The company is a fully integrated manufacturing expert with all process steps in-house. This ensures quick response times in the development as well as the serial production phases.

New Albea can handle screen printing, preforming, punching and 1-/2-K injection molding; it will soon have a fully automated heating foil production line. The company recently started the largest investment program in its history to provide customers with higher quality and value. Since February 2019, a new Niebling high-pressure forming system has enabled New Albea to increase the quality of surfaces, especially for FIM technology.

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