Neue Produkte Auf Der Messe

Design custom textures
Standex Engraving Mold-Tech

At this year’s Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart, the Architexture design consultancy will demonstrate how any spark of inspiration can become a reality using its design expertise and proprietary technology. To prove that nothing is off limits, the consultancy created a series of biomorphic instrument panel surfaces inspired by the graceful underwater flight of a manta ray.

This art installation will show how the company makes the design process easy. Explore a variety of modeling technologies that will give you the confidence you need to test your product and get it to market quickly. Using ultra-high-resolution 3D printing, your custom texture can be produced, and even reproduced, quickly if changes are needed. With fit-to-form technology, the texture is applied without seams or distortion to clay models, Ureol models and prototype substrates for evaluation. Finally, Standex Engraving Mold-Tech can produce the texture on the mold at one of its 46 facilities around the world.

Booth: A4292

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