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Creative lighting effects
Oshino Lamps

Today, automotive ambient illumination goes far beyond conventional functional lighting. Cockpits, door panels, consoles and emblems are accentuated by lighting effects. This provides a pleasing atmosphere, contributes to safety and builds up an emotional experience.

For this, homogeneity of illumination and consistent color are in the foreground. Oshino Lamps has developed a solution for these demanding requirements. It is based on intelligent RGB modules which, due to their compact design, can be used for a variety of applications such as illuminated surfaces, lines and spots with both direct and indirect lighting. The LED system enables 100% end-of-line calibration, including compensation for temperature and aging effects together with compensation of production-related color and brightness differences. This ensures constant chromaticity coordinates and constant brightness for all RGB luminaires integrated in the system. The lighting systems from Oshino Lamps can communicate via LIN or CAN or ISELED. All modules are automotive-certified and are manufactured and assembled in the company’s IATF 16949-certified facility in Estonia.

Oshino Lamps has partnered with Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers through many challenging projects to highlight vehicle interiors. From concept to production, Oshino Lamps supports automotive lighting projects all over the world.

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