Neue Produkte Auf Der Messe

Functional soft surfaces
Sateco Group

At Automotive Interiors Expo 2020, visitors can touch and feel soft surfaces made of silicone, which can be used as a high-quality alternative to widely used materials. The Sateco Group, a supplier of silicone precision parts for haptic vehicle switches, has successfully industrialized decorative parts made in silicone on a large scale. The surface finish is available in various gloss grades, includes backlighting and ghost effects, and is tested according to OEM specifications for durability.

Sateco XT, a new subsidiary devoted to bringing electronic functions into silicone, has developed flexible force sensors and is in the process of industrializing dielectric elastomer actuators (DEA) made of silicone. Demonstrators will provide hands-on experience of potential use cases for touch sensing (misuse prevention), active haptic feedback and surface morphing. These technologies will pave the way to fully electronic skins.

Booth: A4190

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