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Curing symbols and graphics with lasers
Kunststofftechnik Bernt

Litho-Graphics is a further development of the proven laser process from Kunststofftechnik Bernt. The aim was to offer the laser process at lower cost, with more flexibility in design and color, and the same level of accuracy and edge sharpness. This has been achieved with the new development of the Litho-Graphics process. In this method, a UV-curing lacquer is applied in the area of the symbol. This can be done with different methods: in addition to spray application, such as varnishing, printing with Tampoprint has proved to be a successful method.

The UV lacquer is then cured with a UV laser exactly where the symbol is required. Excess, uncured coating is then cleaned off. The fact that the components can now be electroplated in a single process reduces cost, because the process described above can be carried out directly on the injection-molded raw part.

The laser in Litho-Graphics ensures flexibility, accuracy and edge sharpness of the process. The possibility of multicolored symbols has also been added: in the printing process, up to four different colors can be applied in one step. Typical multicolored identification marks can also be created, such as the manufacturer’s brand symbols or translucent flags.

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