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Tricky surface labeling
3M United States

For labeling on surfaces that are challenging or difficult to adhere to, use 3M Thermal Transfer Polyester Label Material 92200. The SE100 adhesive gives high adhesion to very-low-surface-energy materials, and the 65g/m2 adhesive coat weight provides excellent adhesion to rough and textured surfaces. It is also available in silver matt (92350) with TT3 topcoat, which offers best resistance against abrasions and chemicals such as brake fluid or hydraulic oil.

3M 92200 is ideal for labeling reinforced plastics and structured composites for automotive and industrial applications. Common automotive applications include interior and engine components for warning and functional labels such as airbag, charging, battery and AC liquid labels. 3M 92200 is also great for textured, grained or structured low-surface-energy plastics such as polypropylene (PP), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), mineral-filled and fiber-reinforced PP and polyamide (PA) composites. It has a polyester facestock and is topcoated for good thermal stability and durability in harsh environments. It also gives improved ink anchorage for traditional forms of press printing. The label material is a densified double-sided glassine liner that ensures consistent die-cutting, improves ease of dispensing and reduces issues related to oozing. 3M 92200 is UL and CUL recognized.

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