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Stretchable electronics solutions

Forciot, a Finnish technology company that develops advanced IoT sensor solutions, will introduce its FORCIOT stretchable electronics solutions for car interiors at the 2020 Automotive Interiors Expo Europe. Based on the company’s patented sensor technology, the FORCIOT solutions can turn an entire car’s interior surface into a stretchable control pad with touch and force functionalities. Thanks to its exceptional stretching ability and advanced algorithms, the FORCIOT technology can continuously change form during its lifecycle.

The FORCIOT technology can be easily integrated under leather, fabric and other materials, enabling it to transform any surface in a car’s interior into 3D multitouch pads, sliders or stretchable force buttons. This frees car designers from working with only fixed HMI control unit cockpit locations and shapes. The FORCIOT stretchable control surfaces can be brought up or descended invisibly below the surface level when needed, allowing for a minimalistic yet intuitive dashboard experience.

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