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Glass developments for the cockpits of the future
FeelInGlass by AGC

Much of an interior’s character and spirit remains anchored in the feeling experienced via sight and touch. From that standpoint, designers and engineers work hand in hand to explore new ways of integrating materials and technologies. A harmonious match between functions, ergonomics and aesthetics, as well as the strong influence of macro trends, remains an important guideline for current developments.

FeelInGlass has considered these aspects to place great value on its design expertise to rethink HMI through user-centricity and smart functionalities. Indeed, finding the right combination of appealing design and technological features is at the core of its vision. That’s why, as a result of the FeelInspiration sample collections, the company provides an entry to breakthrough glass developments for the cockpits of the future.

The processes FeelInGlass has developed to enhance glass surfaces and properties include screen printing, lamination, surface treatment and ink deposition. The range of possibilities is wide, making glass a versatile and smart material. Although current automotive interior solutions are based on plastic, the company has observed a shift toward glass as an appropriate alternative due to its light weight and durable features.

Discover the FeelInGlass’s glass library at the upcoming expo in Stuttgart.

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