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Capacitive touch lighting
Diamond Coatings

Car customers want a lot more sophistication from vehicle interiors these days, and touch lighting is one technology that can really help lift a car interior from the mundane to the luxurious. Having supplied more than eight million capacitive touch light lenses to manufacturers of luxury cars, Diamond Coatings is an expert in touch lighting and a manufacturer of ITO (indium tin oxide) and optical coatings.

Specializing in designs tailored to match specific requirements and prototyping, Diamond Coatings fuses full PPAP integration with the latest in critical specification and quality management systems, to design and create unique capacitive touch lighting solutions for overhead consoles, enabling drivers and passengers to operate interior light sources with the simplicity of a touch.

Diamond Coatings is eager to display its cost-competitive capacitive touch lighting solution to manufacturers across the world and provide a contemporary light solution for vehicle designs. The company has various functional and decorative solutions suitable for the automotive industry, including capacitive touch, anti-reflective coatings for consoles and display instruments, through to heating applications.

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