Neue Produkte Auf Der Messe

Comfortable vehicle interiors

CTAG will present its latest materials created to improve a vehicle’s interior comfort at this year’s Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart.

Surfaces can be heated and cooled using Joule and Peltier effects, thanks to a smart patented coating that provides uniform heat dispersion in seconds with low energy consumption. Performance is fine-tuned through specific formulation and the coating is applicable over a wide variety of substrates and geometries. Patented flexible electrodes are embedded in the substrate to provide higher robustness.

Customize the acoustic experience in cars. Resonant ability can be integrated on interior surfaces to create a personalized comfort bubble with a surround-sound musical experience. It enables design freedom (more available interior space, no need of speaker grilles) and is also noise cancelling.

Aesthetics are enhanced by natural and noble materials such as natural fibers, mineral fillers and stone laminates that are based on local resources. These are affordable resources independent from fossil fuel prices.

Any surface can become smart. Integrate sensing properties in different surfaces, without the need for mobile components: capacitive/resistive sensing and near-field sensors. It is possible to combine smart surfaces with other technologies, such as thermal comfort.

Booth: A4062

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