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New sustainable skins for interior and exterior trims

Walki is leading the way in sustainable, high-performance laminates. With the recent acquisition of Belcoat, a specialty extrusion coating plant in Belgium, Walki has strengthened its position in highly specialized engineered materials and can now offer sustainable laminates by thermoformable multifunctional automotive skins. By carefully engineering the skin construction, Walki can provide improved adhesion, acoustic and chemical barrier, fire retardancy at a light weight, and a variety of finishes to various interior and exterior car trim parts. These multifunctional skins add value to headliners, underbody shields, carpets, hood liners, etc. Using its knowledge of extrusion coating of various polymers and substrates, Walki finds unique solutions to customers’ challenges.

Within its Zero Waste Future sustainability platform, Walki has successfully introduced new products in 2020. The platform is built on three pillars: recyclability, compostability and renewability. Adhering to these pillars, Walki has developed a more sustainable skin for underbody shields. It has been successfully tested and is ready to make its debut for car part manufacturers who deal with increasingly high requirements on part quality, performance and sustainability.

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