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Stop choosing between torque and rattle for automotive interiors
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

Saint-Gobain will showcase its latest bearing technology innovation, Springlide, at this year’s Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart. With increasing customer demands for automotive comfort, it can be difficult to find interior bearings that deliver on all aspects of comfort. Traditionally, consistently low adjustment forces require clearance between the bearing and the shaft at the expense of increasing rattle noise.

Saint-Gobain’s new Springlide solutions have undergone extensive testing, which has revealed that the combination of spring steel and PTFE allows consistently low friction in a clearance-free condition. The result is a smooth, consistent adjustment feel under differing temperatures and conditions without stick-slip and with a reduction in irritating rattle noise.

Springlide can easily compensate for manufacturing tolerances and misalignments, giving you confidence that this solution will perform well, time and time again. The spring steel allows Springlide to be formed with infinite design possibilities that can be used to simplify systems and save space, weight and cost.

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