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In-mold decoration
Gubesch Engineering & Production

The Gubesch Group recognizes the increasing need for high-quality car interiors. As sensory features become more important, so do the requirements for haptics and optics. The Gubesch Group combines in-mold decoration with the use of real materials such as textiles to create a pleasant environment inside the car.

The new IMD-Real technology depends on three main areas: the tool design, the material and the process that is needed to bring them together. Parts are typically produced using off-tool parts production. With integrative production of real materials, like textiles, the process can be shortened. This makes production considerably faster and more affordable. Furthermore, the classic advantages of injection molding, such as functional integration, can be used.

In addition to the established plastic decoration technologies – IMD, IMD-Pro, insert molding and IPD-Skin – the Gubesch Group has increased its technology portfolio with the IMD-Real Technology and is able to manage the high-level needs of customers.

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