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Decorative PVD coatings
IHI Ionbond Netherlands

Car interiors increasingly feature earth tones and materials with metallic looks and mood lighting. The high-quality requirements of interior trim and components must be in balance with environmental responsibilities while remaining cost-effective.

Ionbond’s decorative PVD coatings can be applied on plastic, metals and other substrate materials, giving the parts a range of metallic colors or a semi-transparent surface effect. The metal look, feel and texture is retained. The color palette ranges from gold and brass to copper and black. Ionbond is also able to respond to the increasing demand for earthy tones, such as sand and dark earthy colors.

Due to the hardness of decorative PVD coatings, they are ideally suited to provide highly wear-resistant surfaces, where color, touch and texture are important factors. Ionbond’s special expertise also allows low-temperature coating, making plastic parts look like metal with the desired colors. A special feature of PVD coatings is that they reproduce the base surface texture, which is unique among all other coating technologies.

The hardness, metallic look and feel and the ability to mimic surface texture make Ionbond’s Decobond coatings an innovative choice for automotive interiors and trim.

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