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Innovative CO2 cleaning solutions
Cool Clean Technologies

Cool Clean Technologies, the global leader in CO2-based cleaning technology, has developed an unique solution for cleaning both automotive interior and exterior parts. The Omega FLEX CO2- spray cleaning module is an innovative alternative to traditional plastics cleaning, using a jetted stream of solid CO2- particles and a propellant gas focused on the surface. Originally designed to clean large surfaces, offering the widest CO2- spray cleaning coverage available, the Omega FLEX cleans parts from every angle and can remove dust, debris and light oils from plastic, metal, or glass parts.

Cool Clean’s Omega FLEX spray cleaning is a dry, non-condensing, waterless technology that leaves behind no residue post cleaning. It uses a new advanced delivery method for the CO2- and compressed air propellant that requires only a single hose assembly. The improved delivery allows customers flexibility during installation and operation of the equipment. Most importantly, the simplified delivery gives them the ability to switch the CO2- and propellant on and off instantly, lowering overall CO2- consumption. The Omega FLEX is robust and can be ‘dropped-in’ to any production line, automating the CO2- spray for better and more consistent cleaning, while reducing overall scrap costs.

Carbon dioxide spray cleaning has been mandated for use in cleaning interior plastic parts by BMW and other German OEMs. Customers have concluded that CO2- spray cleaning yields equivalent or better cleaning results to traditional aqueous systems, with economic benefits of significant energy and other operating cost reductions of up to 80%, with a factory footprint that is less than 20% of that of a water-based system.

Cool Clean’s waterless CO2- cleaning process requires no post drying, allowing parts to move directly to a painting or coating step. CO2- cleaning utilizes a variety of spray configurations that work seamlessly with automation, while providing complete coverage of the part and ensuring a high-quality finish.

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