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Robotic finishing cell

Automobile interiors continue to evolve at a rate that has not been seen for decades; the introduction of cut-and-sew products in virtually every area of the vehicle has accelerated the evolution within the cockpit. The press lamination world is looking for solutions to address the task of manufacturing difficult contours with the repeatability required, lower cycle times and a focus on reduced scrap. 3CON has continued to evolve, develop and execute solutions. Robotic press side pattern sewing and robotic corner finishing are just a few of many examples.

These processes mean there is no longer any need to have cut-and-sew patterns produced in low-cost countries. 3CON has introduced a robotic finishing cell that duplicates human hands and finishes those corners that are not possible in a traditional lamination process. The total solution is a smart cell that sews the jacket, laminates and edge-folds the part and completes the corners – all with one operator.

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