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New quilting and perforating machines
ABM International

ABM International manufactures a full array of high-quality CNC quilting machines engineered to meet the needs of the most discerning automotive OEMs and upholstery shops. ABM is proud to debut its newest machine – the CNC Rotating Head Quilting Machine – as well as its brand-new technology, the CNC Perforating Machine.

The CNC Perforating Machine is revolutionary for OEMs because it perfectly aligns the perf hole placement in a stitched design, creating an ultra-luxurious look. The customer can use the Quilting Machine and then place the quilted insert into the perf machine. The machine can perf through the leather/vinyl and foam at the same time, giving much better airflow for heated and cooled seats.

Because the perf is a CNC machine, whenever an OEM wants to change its perf design, the change can be done on a computer using an automated design program. Users will no longer need to purchase new perf plates, saving time and money. The machine is made and designed in Montgomery, Texas. It uses a Windows 10 industrial PC, making it very easy to operate and create new designs using .dxf files.

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