Day Two: AGC Glass introduces new decorative sample collection for high personalization
AGC Glass

Day 2 of Automotive Interiors Expo has seen the release of AGC Glass’s new Feelinspiration collection.

Cécile Musialski, chief commercial officer at AGC, disclosed more about the company’s differentiating approach to addressing market needs regarding the integration of glass in automotive interiors: "With all these treatment combinations, you can personalize the material to give a unique look and feel," she said. "High personalization is a consistent trend for OEMs, and glass is ideal for personalization as OEMs want to differentiate themselves from others. Glass is an unseen element and not used so much before. Some OEMs are keen to embrace this new material and stand out from the rest.

"We are exhibiting at Automotive Interiors Expo in Novi to help engineers and CMF designers to integrate the material in the cockpit; our new collection is primarily addressed to all OEM CMF designers.

“2022 is the milestone for co-creation projects with design customers. The interior is a sensory experience, featuring touch, colors and finish."

The collection features a new in-vehicle glass interface that the company calls a breakthrough move away from plastic component integration. Musialski explained the ethos of the new collection, which combines “versatility, ergonomics and aesthetics”.

She explained, “The collection is tremendously connected and highly customized with state-of-the-art design: automotive cockpits provide a tailored user experience combined with a significant level of detail. To accommodate flawless functionality and premium design, glass acts as a mediator between technology integration and aesthetics.”

Thomas Lambricht, CEO of FeelInGlass, added, “Feelinspiration is a breakthrough in decorative glass for interiors and is driving a whole new set of possibilities for CMF designers.”

According to Musialski, as a smart surface glass evolves from being a decorative trim to seamless integration with displays or immersive backlighting effects. “The Feelinspiration glass range represents a versatile element of interiors in addition to being a durable and long-lasting one.”

César Colombo, marketing and communications at AGC, added, “We use a thin layer of real wood, laminated with glass. It is a lightweight alternative to reduce vehicle weight. CMFs need to find alternatives to fit within the cockpit and to use sustainable solutions.”

The full collection and samples are currently on show at Automotive Interiors Expo Novi.

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