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Protective pressure-sensitive adhesive films

Adhetec designs and manufactures adhesives, pressure-sensitive films, foams, specialty tapes and solutions for a large range of industries (aerospace, automotive, railway and high-tech) and applications (part/surface protection, identification, signage and decoration). These parts are used by major industry players in more than 71 countries worldwide.

After over a decade of experience in the automotive industry, Adhetec innovated by developing the Patch System, a technology that allows the application of protective pressure-sensitive adhesive films, specially cut to shape to the parts that need protection. These rolls are linerless and allow a semi-manual application, which is easy to integrate into the manufacturing process with little impact on the takt time.

Adhetec’s R&D team will recommend the right protective film depending on the application, the material to be protected and any specific requirements, enabling accurate positioning without bubbles or wrinkles, leaving no glue residues or ghost traces upon removal while limiting quality issues and production scrap, resulting in improved overhaul costs and brand image.

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