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Multipurpose, flexible, polymeric-coated and high-memory filament
Felton Inc

MemoryFlex is a multipurpose, flexible, polymeric-coated and high-memory filament. This proprietary coating allows for a variety of design applications and manufacturing processes. It can be formulated to balance softness and feel with abrasion resistance, and some design variations can be used as a strength member to reinforce different constructions. This high-memory filament can be used in a variety of closeout and sealing applications that have traditionally used standard thermoplastic products, such as nylon or polyester.

MemoryFlex can be custom-designed for filling gaps between fixed and moving surfaces, making it the perfect fit if you need a long-lasting, shape-holding protective barrier. Additionally, it can be used for closing gaps where moving parts pass through the gaps, and for guiding, sweeping and keeping the material taut.

Some of the benefits of MemoryFlex include full bend recovery after 2,000,000+ deflections of greater than 180o at both high and low temperatures; retention of properties in high humidity environments; high abrasion resistance; excellent low-temperature and impact strength; resistance to oils, greases and numerous solvents; and robust weather and high-energy radiation resistance.

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