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Tailor-made glass systems with enhanced design and finishes
AGC Glass Europe

Finding the correct combination of aesthetics, functions and ergonomics in an automotive interior material that can be fitted harmoniously remains a challenge both for designers and engineers at a time where macrotrends are heavily influencing the future in the automotive industry. FeelInGlass considers all these aspects, as a provider of tailor-made glass systems that offer high levels of connectivity alongside enhanced design and finishes.

Even though screens have dominated automotive interiors to provide both drivers and passengers with more interaction possibilities with the car interface, it appears that the overall potential of glass remains underestimated. As a lightweight material, glass, in its thinnest configuration as FeelInGlass allows it to be, is suited for several applications whether it serves decorative or functional purposes.

Indeed, as a smart material, glass finds its place in many different ways in interiors. Since it can adapt and fit different sizes and shapes, FeelInGlass has been developing a consistent expertise to answer growing needs in technology integration such as sensors or immersive lighting. As a whole, its vision is oriented towards more HMI in cockpits, however, design features are more than ever leading its developments.

From that perspective, the company has been developing a wide set of decorative treatments and lamination processes resulting in innovative renders and appealing designs. Its decorative sample collections properly translate the range of possibilities glass allows as versatile material for transversal applications: decorative trim, screen cover or smart surface.

In a process of continuous learning, FeelInGlass’ approach is driven by its expertise in glass engineering and design, nevertheless, its co-design process is an entry door to breakthrough developments for Tier 1s and OEMs eager to experiment with alternative iteration processes regarding materials. The company is at the forefront of glass products and innovations by bringing glass in motion.

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