New digital cutting workflows
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The PreCut Center (ZPC) is just one of the innovative workflow solutions that Zünd has recently added to its automation portfolio. For automotive and automotive-related applications, the company recently introduced Pre-Cut Center software that facilitates cut-file preparation for cutting jobs involving unprinted materials. Fully nested cut files can be prepared in a few simple steps. The software significantly reduces the workload in file preparation, generates optimal material yield and eliminates the potential for errors.

At Automotive Interiors Expo, Novi, 2022, as at Zünd’s tradeshow exhibits throughout the year, the focus is on all the new digital cutting workflows that the company has recently added to its product offering. Paired with its modular, multifunctional cutters, these application-specific software solutions take processing the wide range of automotive materials to the next level in terms of automation and productivity.

With the latest Mind and Zünd Cut Center software workflow releases, cutters can be configured as turnkey systems capable of handling all the challenges that automotive applications may bring with them – from material/hide capture to interactive/automatic nesting, pattern matching, projection-guided picking/sorting, web-based product/process management and more.

Zünd PreCut Center (ZPC) vastly simplifies file preparation and output. It lets users select their ideal level of workflow automation based on specific production requirements. A few simple steps are all it takes to create a fully nested file. From there, users can assign recipes – imported or created as needed – based on materials and other production parameters. The process results in optimal material yield with minimal waste and reduced production time. In addition, ZPC also lets users integrate selected metadata. This information can be printed, for example, on labels to go with each cutting job. This facilitates job tracking and, once cutting is completed, enables quick and accurate attribution of each cut part to the corresponding order.

Aside from the quality build, reliability and longevity of Zünd cutting systems, what customers appreciate most are their versatility and adaptability to specific production needs, even as these may change. The same applies to the company’s software workflows, which can be added or expanded at any time to respond to new or changing market demands as well as increases in order volumes.

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