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Day One: Arzuffi shows its value-adding sputtering coatings

Throughout the three-day expo, Arzuffi is showcasing coated samples that reflect the latest automotive trends. “Plastic substrates (ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PP, etc) with a chrome look are giving the substrate added value, from several standpoints including the environment, aesthetics, functionality and productivity,” said Mara Arzuffi, who works in business development at Arzuffi. “By controlling the thickness of the metal and running a reactive sputtering deposition, automotive designers can choose from an array of colors, finishes and backlighting possibilities.”

Speaking about the new Fast-Met Roll sputtering system, Arzuffi said, “Fast-Met Roll is the evolution of our bestselling Fast-Met equipment. The new solution features one rotatable cathode in the middle of the chamber that swings according to the magnet’s positions, two fixtures to load the pieces and a revolving double-faced door. The main advantage of selecting the Roll model is the competitive price due to the number of cathodes installed, leading to an important reduction in investment costs.

“The benefits of this technology are numerous. It is the green alternative to electroplating, with a clean process at room temperature and free from chemical emissions. It is economical, with a short cycle time and low energy consumption. The thickness of the deposition can be accurately controlled, ideal for series production. Also, special sputtering coatings ensure radar transparency and non-screening protection, making it suitable for radome.

“By using the sputtering and/or reactive sputtering technologies, the Arzuffi machine allows color coatings that are increasingly requested by OEMs and design departments. Gold, copper, steel, chrome and aluminum are the most popular, but alloys as well as combinations with additional gases are gaining ground. OEMs can play with the process parameters and offer specific shades of color.

“Arzuffi is looking forward to meeting companies active in the production of automotive interior components, such as trims, logos, emblems, backlighted panels, optical illumination, front grilles and lighting elements.

“We are receiving many requests from a variety of industries, including automotive interiors, to replace the electroplating treatment. Our PVD represents a great solution since it is more environmentally friendly than other finishing processes and can be applied without producing harmful chemicals or hazardous waste. Of course, it must meet the severe testing requirements of OEMs, made possible by selecting the most appropriate lacquer.”

She concluded, “For Arzuffi, this topic is not the future, it is the present. Visit us at Booth 3260 – we will be glad to help you find the suitable decorative finish for your components.”

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