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Illuminate the most complex shapes
Polymer Optics Automotive Ltd - Stand A7500

Polymer Optics will be showcasing its illumination systems at the expo, with special attention going to its GloWorm technology. Many years of light guide design have culminated in a simple light guide that can be directed and shaped to produce a complex illumination footprint.

Thanks to the digital design of the light structure using Polymer Optics’ proprietary software, it is possible to evenly illuminate any target surface, even those with complex shapes. The result is that GloWorm is suitable for a wide range of applications where a clearly defined footprint of light is needed, such as arm rests, console walls or door pocket interiors. Visit Polymer Optics’ stand for demos of GloWorm and of other lighting projects, which include ambient lighting, exterior lighting, instrument clusters and focused light solutions that light a specific area with a clearly defined cut-off, thus removing stray light and glare in unwanted areas.

Stand: A7500

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