Products on Show

Functional coatings
Diamond Coatings Ltd

As a market leader in ITO, optical and conductive coating solutions, Diamond Coatings will exhibit its wide range of functional coatings on glass and plastics for various applications such as capacitive switches, heaters, anti-reflection, RFI shields and lidar plus many more.

Diamond Coatings prides itself on its interactive booth to display its innovative technologies such as intuitive capacitive touch lights, its well-known wireless light stand, head-up displays and intricately patterned conductive glass.

After years of development, Diamond Coatings will exhibit its patented flagship product, Visin, an intelligent heated visor system powered by an integrated power pack. Visin is a world first – and only – heated universal visor insert designed specifically to provide motorbike riders, snowmobile riders and other helmet wearers with unrivaled vision in adverse weather conditions.

This innovative patent-pending product fits virtually any type of helmet and allows wearers to close their visors even in extreme weather conditions without having to compromise their vision.

Booth: 3160

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