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High-tech textiles for smartphone storage
Jumbo-Textil GmbH & Co KG

Today, the interior of a vehicle is a mobile communication and living space. Smartphones and other technologies must always be within easy reach, neatly stored and securely fastened. Elastic, high-tech, narrow textiles from Jumbo-Textil offer the optimal storage solution: nothing slips, wobbles or rattles, and the digital devices can be stored away and at hand again in a matter of seconds.

Whether it’s an electrically driven car or a hydrogen-powered bus, the new drive technologies work so quietly that every sound can be heard in the interior. With textile storage, positioning and holding systems, nothing creaks or rattles, and they add only minimal weight.

Future-oriented interior concepts integrate sustainable components. To manufacture the tapes, braids, cords and nets, Jumbo-Textil has yarns made from natural fibers and recycled man-made fibers. The recycled yarns include 85-100% post-consumer PET bottles. The company ensures the elasticity of the yarns with natural rubber. This is how Jumbo-Textil develops storage systems that integrate perfectly into the vehicle – both functionally and aesthetically – and meet the high demands of sustainability.

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