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Acoustic products for e-mobility
ORV Manufacturing

As a result of continuous research, ORV has developed a line of acoustic products – Valtherm Acoustic Performance – which meet the need for low-frequency sound absorption while also maintaining this property at high frequencies.

Valtherm Acoustic 2475 PS guarantees excellent thermal insulation according to the EN 12667 standard and excellent sound absorption properties; it is class 2 certified for sound absorption according to PV8223 (class 1 certification in progress). Possible recycled content is up to 50%; certifiable GRS is available upon request.

The product line is free from dangerous substances. It is electro-weldable and has good fire resistance properties.

These products are perfect for applications in the e-mobility sector. Compared with classic foams, ORV products offer significant weight reduction while preserving performance and characteristics over time.

ORV will also present its new black needle-punched Sinter 17 Plus Hydro-Oleo, developed to cover the engine or passenger compartment. Thanks to PAN pre-oxidated fibers (carbon-fiber precursors), it has excellent fire-resistance characteristics, passing the most stringent combustion test standards: FMVSS 302, UL94 and R118-6&8.

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