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Interior concept for future mobility
Interior Cluster IZZI

The Interior Cluster IZZI is a consortium of 18 industry partners and research institutes working together on R&D projects to develop future interior solutions. With trend analysis, workshops and networking formats, the cluster creates a framework for collaboration along the value chain.

The CONO will be presented for the first time by the Interior Cluster IZZI at AIX 2022 in Stuttgart.

CONO deals with the usability of the path. The concept comprises a passenger compartment and two individual one-seater vehicles. For intra-urban rides, the tiny vehicles can be encapsulated and moved independently of each other. The study thus combines the idea of micro-mobility with that of a multifunctional mobile space.

CONO integrates a wide range of interior solutions and innovations from the cluster partners. Sustainable materials, smart surfaces and innovative functions show the diversity of skills in the cluster.

In terms of material selection, natural as well as recycled materials are used without losing the charm of the futuristic design and color mood. Besides the sustainability of the material selection, the focus is on a modular principle. This means that individual cushions can be easily replaced and included in the recycling process.

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