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Day Two: Ionbond highlights benefits of decorative PVD coatings for interiors and exteriors

Ionbond is showcasing its decorative PVD (physical vapor deposition) coatings in several colors – including gold, nickel, chrome and black – on automotive interior and exterior parts.

Ron Dielis, global segment manager of deco and sports at Ionbond, talked about some of the features. “Our wear-resistant PVD coatings, which are two or three times harder than chrome, are so thin that they follow the base texture of the parts. With PVD coatings, we can process finish to give parts a different look, while keeping the same base texture – the PVD coating changes the color of the part, but not the texture, so any high-gloss parts stay high gloss after the PVD coating, matt stays matt and a brushed surface stays brushed."

Ionbond’s Decobond PVD coating can be applied on all electric conductive interior parts that have a galvanic chrome coating. Colors range from gold (24kt or 18kt), copper and rose color to nickel, smoky grey, anthracite, black and dark black. “Ionbond customers from several industries have been asking for a high-end deep black decorative PVD coating, with the same quality and consistency on different textures and materials," revealed Dielis.

“Emissions reduction (and therefore weight reduction) is a huge topic," added Dielis. "To achieve this, many parts are made out of plastic, but want to imitate metal. Ionbond’s PVD coatings on plastic can emulate metal through the look, feel and touch. The parts must feel genuine, as though they are made from raw earth materials."

Dielis said that Ionbond Netherlands chose Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart to showcase its PVD coatings because, "We are looking forward to meeting forward-thinking companies seeking an alternative for chrome replacement, and designers and developers looking for new ideas in the automotive industry and beyond.”

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