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DAY 1: Ligneos reveals developments using sustainable materials and smart surface technology

Advanced technologies enable the utilization of natural materials such as wood, premium textiles, stone, cork and other sustainable options to cover larger areas.

Ligneos is developing solutions in the form of laminated materials for active surfaces, backlighting and activating functions in wood and other materials. After the sheets undergo enhancing production steps, Ligneos precisely laser-cuts them to meet customer specifications. The final products exhibit exceptional adaptability, conforming to various shapes and surfaces, including small radiuses and sharp corners. Importantly, the process preserves the visual and tactile properties of natural materials, ensuring the final result retains its authentic characteristics.

Francesco Terzi, a sales engineer at Ligneos, explained, “The possibility of using several materials (wood, stone, textiles) makes Ligneos a strong and reliable partner for OEMs, cooperating with them in each step of the development and validation process.” Terzi said that Ligneos is working side by side with customers, supporting them from material selection until the final approval before serial production.

This technology is being used by OEMs including Tesla, Lucid, Volvo, Peugeot, Nissan, Alfa Romeo, DS and Renault. Ligneos previously exhibited it at a 2022 event in collaboration with a wood partner.

Terzi continued, “From that positive experience, Ligneos realized that its technology was highly recognized by the visitors, so we decided to have our own booth at Automotive Interiors Expo to display products and innovations, exhibiting not only the current products but an enlarged scope of surface activations increasing the possibilities in wood decoration.”

According to Terzi, the flexibility of the material helps during the pre-forming phase, creating no cracks and removing the need to rework the parts. All products are crashproof and lightweight, and use sustainable materials including FSC wood and recycled backing.

Ligneos collaborates with partners in Italy, Mexico and China to develop its products. This is achieved through a dedicated development team working to continually enhance the cost-effectiveness and quality of the technology. The initial phase of development involves material selection and feasibility, along with color development, which is ultimately validated at the OEM level.

The company leverages its manufacturing capabilities to define and process the final wood components at each stage of development, ensuring they meet the specified requirements. It has the capacity to enhance its products by incorporating smart surfaces compatible with emerging lighting and electronics technologies through its existing internal processes.

Terzi concluded by encouraging attendees to visit Booth 3432: “Every visitor is welcome to Ligneos’s space. They will have the opportunity to experience all the characteristics of our products and technologies. It’s an opportunity for both Ligneos and visitors to meet each other and discuss their needs and to find the right way to support them with our high-quality products.”

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