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Comfortable ride with heated plastic elements

Ruhlamat will showcase its flexible, embedded 3D wire system.

With the required energy efficiency, especially in the field of e-mobility, the demand for innovative interior heating systems using heated plastic surfaces is constantly growing. In the automotive exterior, ice and snow can affect the radar sensors and camera systems required for autonomous and semi-autonomous driving (ADAS), and even LED headlights (cold spotlights).

The Ruhlamat solution is integrated heating wires that automatically provide radiant heat or fast defrosting with controlled heating processes. The heating systems must be integrated so they are discreetly concealed in the plastic elements. In principle, all parts of the interior that surround the occupants are suitable for this. On the outside, manufacturer logos, combined light/sensor front panels and parts of the front and rear bumpers are ideal installation situations.

The corresponding components are subject to the highest design requirements in terms of function, geometry and material. Ruhlamat enables processing with the WCEvario3D 3D wire embedding system, which can embed heating wires in plastic parts precisely and efficiently with the help of a six-axis robot, almost independently of the design. Materials in sandwich systems are also possible, allowing a great deal of freedom.

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