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Day Two: FeelInGlass unveils ‘touch and feel’ glass developments for future cockpits
FeelInGlass by AGC

In Stuttgart, FeelInGlass by AGC is introducing a return to its roots. “Having experienced an insightful show last year, we wanted to introduce visitors to the whole characteristics of glass and demonstrate that it is an asset for interior applications,” said César Colombo, from AGC’s marketing and communications department.

“Alongside this, FeelInGlass is introducing novelties linked to its pioneering expertise in decorative glass, including unveiling our new samples collections for incoming trends in 2023, as well as our hot bended cover glass for displays with unexpected shapes.”

Commenting on the importance of sensory experience to an automotive interior’s character and spirit, Colombo explained, “The need for a homogeneous atmosphere in cockpits is leading designers and engineers to rethink the way they are conceived. As screens are becoming more prominent in cockpits, glass remains a significant element, linking sight and touch for users. That’s why we want to expand the overall glass surface in the interior, as well as enhance finishes with specific decoration and surface treatments, resulting in a high-added-value final assembly.”

Colombo continued, “FeelInGlass orients development toward a ‘touch and feel’ guideline. We provide more than glass-based products, to cope with evolving user experience features. With the need for more connectivity, we are developing innovative ways to integrate more functions through glass, turning it into a smart material. That’s why we are constantly innovating toward more incoming uses for tomorrow’s mobility.

“Consideration of materials for mobility purposes is evolving in relation to the new experiences of electric, autonomous and shared mobility. In accordance with these new practices, CMF designers are seeking new materials to push customization of automotive cockpits. We provide a plethora of possibilities encompassing decoration, patterns and surface treatments to turn it into a versatile element of interiors."

On the benefits of using glass rather than plastic, Colombo said, “Glass is a common component of our daily lives – for instance, through our connected devices. This material can handle a significant stack of surface treatments and serve multiple purposes. We believe in the development of glass surfaces that are more durable than plastic, offering greater rigidity for less material, and many other benefits.

“The year 2022 has been declared the International Year of Glass by the UN General Council, and FeelInGlass wants to use this momentum to take a step forward,” Colombo concluded.

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