Upgraded, sustainable materials for EV interiors
San Fang Chemical Industry Co Ltd

With the rise of environmental awareness and increasing labor shortages, automated production is taking center stage. San Fang, one of the largest artificial leather suppliers, has introduced materials that meet the requirements of various automotive processes. It has designed different vacuum process materials to meet the future demand trend of new energy vehicles. To make its products more sustainable and valuable, San Fang has developed Encro and Crystpo.

Encro is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, VOC-free and thermoplastic leather which San Fang believes can create a new generation of mobile tools for customers.

Crystpo is a translucent film with high occlusion, suitable for use in new energy vehicles, 3C and smart furniture, etc. A key feature is that once the power has been turned on, icons illuminate with high light transmittance and without a halo, adding a futuristic feel to the technology.

San Fang is committed to eco-friendly production, with smart production, lower carbon emissions and GRS certification to support its social and environmental commitment regarding attaining climate change goals by 2025.

Not only are Encro and Crystpo each a superb solution for upgrading materials for EV interiors and an evolutional item that perfectly alternates with PVC materials, but they also contribute to achieving a carbon neutral and circular economy in the automobile industry.

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