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DAY 1: Scays Group introduces 100% sustainable and vegan automotive interiors solution
Wastea-Scays Group

Expo sponsor Scays Group is introducing Wastea, a 100% sustainable, vegan, plant- and bio-based new-generation material made from industrial tea waste.

Wastea has successfully undergone rigorous tests in the automotive industry, including assessments for lightfastness, UV resistance and abrasion.

The company is also showcasing its latest new-generation material made from rose, lavender, coffee, lemon, lime, pomegranate, hazelnut and peanuts – a wider solution for the sustainable automotive interior market.

After lots of traction at last year’s expo, this year seemed the perfect opportunity to introduce Wastea, as Erdem Dogan, MD at Scays Group, explained. “A high number of automotive clients have contacted us regarding our new innovation, and we saw the potential to share our sustainable new-generation material,” he said.

Tea waste would usually be destroyed but it now finds a new purpose as Wastea, which can be integrated into every sector and product where leather, PU and PVC have traditionally been used. It has already seen success in fields ranging from automotive to textiles, and footwear to bags and accessories, proving its adaptability.

Dogan continued, “We are replacing conventional environmentally harmful upholstery materials such as real leather, PVC and PU. Our material is suitable for automotive upholstery, which is 100% sustainable, vegan, plant and bio-based.”

Officially on the market since September this year, Wastea is available from Scays Group’s Stock and NOS program, and can also be produced to meet specific custom requirements.

As Dogan said, “Now is the right time to make environmentally friendly changes.”

Attendees can find out more at Booth 3104.

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