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DAY 2 : Grewus’s novel actuator series designed for haptic feedback

Grewus is showing its new actuator series for haptic feedback at Automotive Interiors Expo Europe in Stuttgart, which runs until tomorrow (December 7). The HapForce series of compact, versatile actuators are designed to cater to diverse applications with precision and efficiency. Three sizes are available to cover all kinds of applications.

Active haptics is more than just a vibration. As Andrea Coric, head of marketing at Grewus, explained at the show, various factors need to be considered to integrate haptics effectively. This diversity means that the challenge is often great, but the possibilities are all the greater. From the dashboard to the seats, the steering wheel, various control elements in the car and the communication between man and car (HMI), there is no limit to the possibility of actively integrating haptics in the vehicle.

The HapForce 1, the smallest in the lineup at 12.5 x 12.5 x 20mm, offers low resonance frequency (65Hz), making it ideal for limited installation spaces such as steering wheels and smaller modules.
The HapForce 2, initially crafted for gaming, extends its high-quality feedback to the automotive industry. With dimensions of 16.6 x 16.6 x 27mm and a potent 50Hz feedback capability, it excels in applications such as displays or smart surfaces.

For heavier applications, the HapForceUlti, Grewus’s robust actuator, boasts a low 45Hz resonance frequency and dimensions of 20.4 x 31.4 x 46mm, delivering impactful vibrations – even for car seats. The HapForce series ensures precision and versatility across a spectrum of applications.

Coric said, “Active haptics technology can increase the individual recognition value of a brand while creating a noticeable value in a vehicle's interior and a personal connection between the driver and the car.
“Automotive Interiors Expo Europe is a target-oriented automotive trade fair for Grewus," she added. "It is a successful event every year due to the trade visitors and exhibitors. We like that the expo focuses on interior technologies in the automotive world, which Grewus serves seamlessly with its haptic actuators and acoustic components.”

Grewus’s 20-strong team has its own development laboratories for products such as electromagnetic actuators, piezo components and various types of sensors/microphones.
Visitors to the Grewus stand will learn how to integrate active haptics (the trend in the automotive and gaming world) into their applications.

Find Grewus at Booth 3232.

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