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Nicolas Samson

Nicolas Samson has more than 19 years' experience in the Automotive Interior Industry from low to high volumes. He has been working at Faurecia Interior System for more than 13 years and 4 years at Ferrari on the develop-ment/project responsible of the highly complex PuroSangue program for the complete interior. His past experiences gave him a great understanding of all tech and processes while cooperating with global, multinational, and multilingual teams.


Flax fibre in car interiors - a lightweight and sustainable solution

As mobility is undergoing a revolution to become cleaner, it is key to both reduce the environmental impact of materials and the weight of vehicles which helps reduce energy consumption during use. With Bcomp’s flax fibre based composite reinforcements, it is possible to meet both aspects in automotive interior panels. Proven in use cases like the Volvo EX30, Polestar Precept or McLaren’s F1 seat, Bcomp’s technologies are challenging standard solutions with one based on nature.