The Future of Automotive Interiors Conference 2020

A diverse and wide-ranging conference firmly focused on the key trends shaping current and near-future automotive interiors, as well as the challenges and opportunities presented by a new generation of autonomous vehicles.

The Future of Automotive Interiors will be exclusively dedicated to the study of future interior design, innovative seating, lighting, ergonomics, instrumentation, control systems, new HMI approaches, in-car entertainment and connectivity, and onboard wellness and safety challenges, as well as the opportunities and challenges offered by increased vehicle autonomy and ever more sophisticated consumers.

The need for a new generation of materials will be explored in answer to the increasing consumer demand for more sustainable and ethical solutions, solutions which are allergen-free, antimicrobial and non-toxic. The latest HMI approaches will also be examined, with an emphasis on ease of use and safety, as well as more inclusive design to meet the needs of a changing, more aged society.

The disruptive impact of ADAS and full autonomy will also be a major theme, along with a strong focus on occupant safety and well-being. The conference will offer the perfect platform to better understand the possibilities offered by exciting, new technologies such as haptic sensors, augmented reality head-up displays, 3D printing and smart lighting.

Conference Speakers Include:

Ivo Muth

Head of user interface/user experience
Audi AG

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Nello Li Pira

Head of physical analysis department

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Richard Chung

Executive product manager
Toyota Boshoku

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Regina Kaiser

Senior engineer HMI
Hyundai Motor Group

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George Kellie

Kellie Solutions Ltd/EDANA

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Johan Karlsson

Senior research engineer
Autoliv Research

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Efrat Friedland


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Eike Schmidt

Ford Research and Innovation Center

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