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Decorating interiors
TM Service

TM Service will exhibit semi-finished templates for car interiors, which are decorated with various techniques such as quilts, holes, quilts with holes, embossing, stitching and marking, pleats, hot and cold impressions with or without color, low relief, high relief, leather grooves, patchwork, embroidery, embossed embroidered cords (mini relief or maxi relief), macramé, tuffetage, applications (tapes, chains, studs and various accessories), zig zag, tapping, coiling; Cornely chain-stitch embroidery, pinched thread, frill, and prints including screen printing, serigraphy and digital prints.

The company produces products of excellence and luxury, which are completely customizable to make them more or less decorated, depending on design.

Booth: A4255

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