Neue Produkte Auf Der Messe

Automated PVD equipment

Arzuffi will present the Line-Met family at this year’s Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart.
The Line-Met family comprises fully automated, high-tech PVD equipment that is able to combine high-quality treatments with high-volume, cost-effective production. Thanks to Line-Met’s compact layout, it can be easily integrated with molding machines as well as painting line solutions.

Line-Met fits various applications: automotive lighting, interior and exteriors automotive, consumer lighting, cosmetic and decorative. The substrate material can be plastic, metal, glass or others. Line-Met can be supplied with different processes: plasma etching, plasma polymerization, sputtering and reactive sputtering of metals and alloys for colored results.

Arzuffi specializes in the metalization process and in high vacuum coating systems; Line-Met is the new high-level entry product joining batch sputtering machines (Fastmet and Combimet) and thermal evaporation machines (Speedmet, Hormet and AM/KW).

Booth: A4170

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