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Component screen printing ink for film insert molding

Proell’s core business lies in the development of custom-made chemical products for coating/decorating plastics and other materials, as well as ink systems for IMD/FIM technology, and screen and pad printing inks.

NORIPHAN HTR N is a proven, formable, back-moldable and solvent-based one-component screen printing ink for film insert molding technology. Due to the development of the new opaque black color shade NORIPHAN HTR N 990 NC, a carbon-free, non-conductive black is now available for printed electronics and capacitive touch panel applications. This shade can be used for decorative prints but is mainly used for plain multi-layer printing or backing of metallic and polymer conductive pastes. Carbon-based pigments, so-called carbon blacks, which are normally used for black shades, are electrically conductive and can interfere with the functional structures. The NORIPHAN HTR N 990 NC has been formulated and optimized regarding the interlayer adhesion and shows good adhesion in compound values in the final film/ink/injection material composition.

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